Restorative: something that serves to restore consciousness, vigor, or health.

Our farm is based on the principles of permaculture (rooted from the two words "permanent" and "agriculture").   Organic farming is a part of Permaculture, but not the whole part.  Permaculture is much more than an agricultural system, it is a system of living.

Permaculture is rooted in the fact that no single problem or solution stands on its own.  In recognition of this balance, it embraces four basic principles:

  1. Working with nature rather than against it
  2. Thoughtful observation rather than thoughtless labor
  3. Each element should perform many functions rather than one
  4. Everything is connected to everything else

By observing and learning from our environment, such as how nature replenishes its soil, how nature protects and conserves its water resources, how nature has adapted to the specific climate of an area, etc…we can learn how to imitate these natural processes in our daily living.

Restorative agriculture, education and design is what we have set out to achieve.  

When we use the term, it represents our intention to:

  • Restore the land – going a step beyond just sustaining it.
  • Restore our bodies – mentally and physically.
  • Restore our community – through an activity that brings people together to celebrate the beauty of growing food and sharing in that experience.