“I learned SO MUCH about new and different foods that I would never have bought on my own. Now I buy them all the time and we’re eating a wider range of and more vegetables than ever before. So thanks very much for forcing me (kicking and screaming) to learn a lot about preparing, cooking and eating so many vegetables! I notice how much better I feel...”
— Sharon W. - Foggy River Customer

Located in Ontario's Durham Region, Foggy River Farm is an ecologically-minded homestead that grows nutritionally dense food and medicinal herbs using the principles of permaculture. We turn our harvest into small-batch products including loose-leaf tea blends and body-care products. Our goal is to educate people on how to design, grow and utilize food, fuel, and medicine systems in a way that is restorative to our ecosystem's health.

Foggy River Farm Design focuses on agriculture within the framework of landscape architecture, ecological design and permaculture. We believe that the act of growing food and incorporating agriculture into design is a catalyst for more positive human connections to our natural ecosystems and more positive social interactions with each other. Designing sustainable human based ecologies will lead to a restored consciousness of what the Earth can provide for us, and how we can give back to it and to one another.

Owner and Principal, Phillip Collins, is a licensed landscape architect with the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects. Previously he co-founded Fresh City Farms — an urban agriculture company, now recognized as Canada’s largest commercial city farm. Over the course of his career he has added to his knowledge base in the areas of urban agriculture, agricultural business models, ecosystem design, and most recently pedagogy (the science of how we learn). His recent work with educational institutions has involved the design of educational edible ecosystems and integrating those ecosystems into various curriculums.

Foggy River Farm Design is based at Phillip’s homestead studio in Sunderland, Ontario, a place where the growth and relationships between hundreds of annual and perennial edible plants are observed closely throughout the season. This close relationship with the plants and the environment is an integral component of the design philosophy at Foggy River Farm Design and is what gives Phillip a leading edge on ecosystem design.